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December 21, 2012
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                                      Fem!RomanoSpain!          Fem!Italy/Germany!
I made a AMV for Fem!RomanoSpain! Fem!Italy/Germany! Because of the this story. This will have cursing and human names in it. Also this is be a high school one so they will be in high school.

Lovi grabs her red headband and puts it on, her fingers run over it for alittle bit before she grabs her backpack and yells down the hall "Sorella!(Sister.) It's time to go! I don't want to be fucking late on our first day at our new school!! "Feli ran out of her room trying to put on her socks as she walks which just makes her fall on her face "Sorry Lovi!" Feli yells back as she sits up and puts her socks on and then puts her shoes on. Lovi sighs and walks over to Feli since her twin sister could never tie her shoes, Lovi sits down and ties Feli's shoe.
Lovi and Feli are the Italian twins, they are going to school with people they knew in first, second and third grade but they moved away in the middle of third grade to a new school which they ended up not liking. They are in 10th grade. Feli was a clumsy and easy to like person, she had soft brown eyes and light brown hair kept in a ponytail. Lovi was a short tempered and easy to hate person, she had green eyes and dark brown hair that down with a red head band but still kept her bands in front of the head band to frame her face, her hair gone just a little past her shoulders. Feli was the baby of the two and the most loved one by their parents. Feli was good at art, all types of art, she wrote beautiful poems and was very sweet and cute. Lovi was the older of the twin and their parents never talk about her to anyone like they do with Feli, Lovi is good at singing and dancing which her parents see it stupid and her parents always tell Lovi to get better at art and to always protect Feli and Lovi does but Lovi always wonders 'But what about me? Who will protect me?'  
Lovi stands up and grabs her car keys as Feli grabs her backpack, Feli grabs her bag and grabs the keys from Lovi saying "Let me drive!" Feli runs to the car and Lovi growls "No! You like to speed! I don't want to pay for a ticket!"  Lovi runs after Feli and grabs the keys from her. Feli whines and tries to grab the keys from Lovi, Lovi pushes Feli away and gets in the car and starts the car. Feli pouts and gets in on the other side.
Feli is talking about how happy she is that she get see Luddy again. Lovi sighs as she hates that name, Luddy was Feli's nickname for this guy, Ludwig, Lovi just doesn't like that guy. "Lovi aren't you happy? Lovi growls "No, I'm not. I'm not happy to be going to school where Ludwig and that perv Francis goes." Feli giggles " What about Antonio? You were always close with him." Lovi grips the wheel at the sound of THAT man "Hell no Feli! Like I care about that Tomato bastard!" Feli laughs and pokes Lovi red head band that she always wears and asks "Then why do you still wear the head band he gave you?" Lovi sighs and says "Because I like the fucking color red!"
Lovi steps out of the car and looks at the high school they are going to, Feli did the same but she was smiling and dancing around. Lovi sighs "Feli, you need to learn how to dance. " Feli just smiles and shakes her head as she says "No dancing is your thing not mines." Lovi smiles at that, Lovi is glad that Feli couldn't dance or sing because Lovi wants them to be her thing.
Feli sees a tall blonde hair boy walk past and she knows who it is "LUDDY!!" They guy turns around with a confused look on his face and Feli tackles him. "LUDDY!" And Feli smiles as she looks into his confused blue eyes. Ludwig looks down at Feli. If he wasn't so strong then he would be on the ground because of her tackle. Ludwig stares at the girl very confused and Feli just giggles and says "Luddy it's me Feli. Wow you have really grown! You're so tall!" Ludwig's eyes widen and then they soften. He chuckles "Welcome back Feli." Lovi growls and grabs her backpack "Feli come on! We have to find out what our classes are! Leave this Potato bastard alone!!" Feli smiles and hugs Ludwig one more time "Bye Luddy, I'll see you later. Ah Lovi wait for me!" Feli runs after Lovi who was already walking toward the doors of the school.
I hope you guys like it.
Part 2 - [link]
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SuicideParker Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Is this from our RP? :meow:
It has the same plot. But I'm writing it a diffferent way :3
SuicideParker Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool~! Now go make more! :meow:
SuicideParker Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
SassyAnimeGyrl15 Dec 22, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
This is cute~ Are you going to continue this?
SassyAnimeGyrl15 Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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